Travel Advisory : COVID-19 | Haut.Monde HillStream Resort


UPDATE:   COVID-19 Negative Report is not required now.

Social distancing has become a norm in today’s COVID-19 world and Haut Monde Hotels has updated our SOP’s to adapt to this change.

With your continued comfort and well-being in mind we have implemented the following strict medical and operational protocols, in accordance with the Health Department, State and Central Government.


      • Provide Personal Protective Equipment (e.g., gloves, gowns, masks) as directed by local and federal public health authorities for employees and infected individuals.
      • Provide hand sanitizer in public areas.
      • Room cleaning would be performed frequently to minimize spread of infection and employee risk (for non-isolation cases).
      • Follow all guidance as directed by public health authorities.
        1. Guest Rooms
        2. Public Areas
        3. Food Service
        4. Restrooms
        5. Laundry
        6. Employees


      • Isolate symptomatic guests and follow public health recommendations for infection control.
      • Increase frequency of hard surface disinfection using an EPA registered disinfectant with an emerging viral pathogens claim. Disinfect ALL hard surfaces, not just high touch points.
      • It is recommended to close off areas used by the ill persons and wait as long as practical before beginning cleaning and disinfection to minimize potential for exposure to respiratory droplets. Open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation in the area. If possible, wait up to 24 hours before beginning cleaning and disinfection.
      • Once the room is completely cleaned and disinfected, it can be made available to the next guest.
    • 1. Strict greeting protocol, with the traditional “Namaste” upon arrival.

      2. Mandatory body temperature checks with heat scanner at check-in.

      3. Guest luggage would be sanitized at the time of check-in.

      4. Maximum web check-in facility would be extended to all arriving guests, in order to reduce contact time upon arrival at Front Desk.

      5. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer would be provided throughout all the Public Areas and Rooms.

      6. Hygiene and sanitization kit shall be provided as part of room amenities.

      7. Conduct daily housekeeping services as per government issued protocols and safety procedures.

      8. Guests are requested to leave the doors and windows open at the time of leaving /departure from the resort.

      9. Contact at the time of guest check-out and billing to be reduced with the use of digital billing and payment services.

      10. Traditional “Namaste” and fond farewell.

      11. Check-out rooms to be completely ventilated and aired for maximum practical duration, before initiating the cleaning and sanitization procedure as prescribed.

    • Specific touch points of focus:

      Door handles, hard surface furniture, tables, nightstand, furniture knobs and handles, light switches and thermostats, drapery pull handles, telephone and keypad, remote control, alarm clock, television, safety latch and peephole, trash receptacle, faucet handles, toilet and shower handles.

    • 1. Properly educate and inform all employees of pandemic status and proper infection control procedures.

      2. Reinforce personal hygiene and cough etiquette with all resort employees.

      3. Closely monitor employee health and have symptomatic employees to stay home.

      4. Have employees disinfect all personal hard surfaces as referenced on the product label.


Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID19 associated with food.

    • 1. Provide Personal Protective Equipment (e.g., gloves, gowns, masks) as directed by local and federal public health authorities for employees and infected individuals.

      2. Reinforce all personal hygiene requirements, with special attention to hand hygiene. Refer to food code and hand hygiene procedures.

      3. Perform training to reinforce cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection procedures.

      4. Verify dish machine has product before use.

      5. Follow all guidance as directed by public health authorities, especially in regards to food handling via take out or delivery or room service.

    • 1. Best advisable way to reach Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort is by your own car.

      2. Disinfect the major touch points of your car before you start your journey.

      3. Wear Face masks even if you are traveling inside a car.

      4. Be mindful with whom you are traveling in the car.

      5. If you are reaching Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort from Train or Flight, be mindful of your surrounding and wear protective mask all the time.

      6. When arranging for taxi service, the concerned vehicle shall be sprayed and sanitized prior to your entry of the vehicle. Only drivers with known health record shall be contacted/used for guest transfers.

* For more detailed information regarding COVID-19 travel and stay guidelines, Click here