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Set against the stunning backdrop of mountains and lush green forests, for all those in the pursuit of peace and quiet, our Wellness Spa believes in bringing about a 360 -degree change in emotional and mental health.

Offering an amalgamation of wellness therapies, Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort is dedicated to pamper you with the most amazing Spa experiences. Allow your stress to melt away in the lap of luxury and impeccable service, add in the excitement of a beautiful hill destination and this combination will be too hard to resist.

Let’s look at few of our Offerings:


Massage has been practiced for eons. There is a variety of massages styles available and they differ from each other in terms of pressure, movements and techniques.
They all involve manipulating soft tissues and muscles with hands and fingers. Sometimes elbows, forearm or legs are used for massage.
Our Therapists can help you to alleviate certain physical symptoms like Stress, detoxification and relief for the stiff joints allowing you to have smoother movement and feeling of overall wellness.
Depending on the condition, therapist can use any one style or a combination like Balinese, Thai, Deep Tissue or Swedish massage.

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Chocolates are very good anti-oxidants and is very beneficial for the skin. When used with nourishing oils, it penetrates deep into tissue thus acting as a great moisturizer, tones the skin and also has an anti-cellulite effect.
Interestingly, the Chocolate Body Wrap comes from the age-old tradition of Ayurveda.

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This therapy uses smooth heated stones. The stones are heated under controlled temperatures and placed on specific parts of your body which enables certain muscles, ligaments to relax and this helps the therapist to exert more pressure without any discomfort. It is deeply comforting and relaxing. Mostly this is accompanied with Deep Tissue massage or even Swedish massage.
These stones are also beneficial in aligning and balancing chi or vital energy.

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